Cleaning Isn't just Spring

Most people associate cleaning with spring, but why not make fall cleaning a ritual as well? If you live in the northern states winter probably puts a damper on your motivation to get your clean on. Spring is a popular time to clean because it allows us the chance to open up the house, let in the fresh air, and clear out the winter clutter. Fall is the perfect time to open up the house again to let in the fresh air and prepare for the winter months ahead.

Focus on the outdoors:

Clean and organize your garage and sheds. Donate unwanted items, keep what you need and organize the rest so that there's plenty of space to park the snowblower when winter comes. The Springfield Clean Freaks, a cleaning service in Springfield MO, has a great article on how to sort your outdoor space by organizing your belongings into 3 piles: A Keep pile, donate pile, and garbage pile. They even have tips for organizing the rest of your belongings once the unwanted items are cleared out and gone.

Take a walk around the house: Many outdoor home services will tell you that you should do a check of the exterior of your home by making note of any cracks or holes that may need to be addressed. The experts at MN Egress Express, an Egress Window Installation company based in Minneapolis MN advises all of their customers to do a perimeter check on all of their egress window wells to ensure that the well is free from debris and able to properly drain when the fall rains start! Clogged drains mean water pools and collect next to your foundation which is a recipe for cracked foundations and moisture leaks into your home, which in turn result in water and mildew damage. Pull back those leaves and trim the bushes back if they're obstructing the safe exit of your home.

Use smart storage solutions for your summer belongings. Put the kiddy pool in the rafters for the season and ready the sleds! See if your kids have outgrown any toys, and list them on Facebook market to make money for new toys! Fall is a great time to take on outdoor cleaning jobs. Leave the deep cleaning for the holidays! Enjoy the wonderful fall season!